Do’s and Don’ts of the 24 Day Challenge!


Since I’m ready to embark with a few great friends on the 24 Day Challenge on Nov. 2, I thought I’d outline the Do’s and Don’ts!

Fiber drink:
Don’t let it sit! Pour it in, stir well with cold water (or flavored water) and drink quickly! Just get it done. It’s ten days and you will LOVE the results!

Meal Replacement Shakes:
I love to use a blender, cold water and a couple of ice cubes. SOO good! I know there are many other ways to do use the packets including muffins and cake! I’ll post some recipes in some future blogs, for sure! No need to use milk or anything else. These shakes are so yummy!

Pour in a water bottle and shake well! That’s all that is needed! Don’t pour into a glass full of water already and try to stir. Eww. Think how you make Crystal Light.

This was a perfect demonstration here:



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