About Me

I started AdvoCare with the 24 Day Challenge after gaining weight from having three children! My twins are almost four and my little one is almost a year so it was time to get back to taking care of me better. Being a stay at home mom, you would think it would be easy to chase after babies and lose the weight, but I needed a jump start. My friend Jenn, who had lost over 100 pounds and was ball of energy, told me about Advocare. I started with their general Health and Wellness program called the 24 Day Challenge. I let her coach me then signed up for the discount! Another huge bonus? She’s now making $1000 a month coaching people with AdvoCare, which matches her Librarian salary. Yes!

After 24 days, I had more energy and clothes were fitting better – now I’m on a fitness train working towards a better body and working towards making additional income at the same time.

Just let me know how I can help you and we can take this journey together whether you are already fit and needing energy, not fit and needing to lose or are just looking for a boost. This is it and I can’t be any more excited to do this with you!


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